Prepare your vehicle for the winter season.

Winter poses a wide range of threats to residents of the Midwest. Storms can range from a moderate snow, over a few hours, to a massive blizzard. Heavy snowfall can easily trap motorists in their vehicles and make walking to find help a treacherous effort while bitter cold temperatures and wind chills can lead to hypothermia.

High winds, freezing rain or sleet, heavy snowfall, and dangerously cold temperatures are always conditions to avoid. Should you be forced to venture into the weather, or have the cold catch you off guard, here are a few items that are absolute necessities to any winter car emergency kit. The purpose is not for this list to sit here. Go now. Send your thanks later.

Winter Car Emergency Kit Checklist:

• A flashlight with extra batteries
• A first-aid kit
• Matches, candles, or electric car heater
• Windshield scraper
• Tire chains
• Necessary medications
• Wool blankets or sleeping bags
• Portable phone charger
• Roadside triangles
• Reflective vest
• Tow strap
• Extra mittens or gloves, socks, a warm cap, and rain gear
• A small sack of sand to use for traction under your wheels
• Paper towels or napkins
• A small shovel
• Tire repair can or kit
• Booster cables
• Duct tape
• Small tools like pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers
• A brightly colored cloth to use as a flag
• High calorie, non-perishable foods
• Bottled water