Daniel stands in front “Old Sarum” by British artist Gillian Ayres, 1984, oil on canvas.

Commercial Lending Officer at Central Bank

“Patience, patience, patience.” This has been Daniel Toosley’s central mantra since entering the workforce.

“Accomplishments very rarely occur overnight, and without patience, those same accomplishments may never happen,” says Daniel, vice president of commercial lending at Central Bank. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in salaries, cars, and other assets after becoming a college graduate, but the more immediate importance is finding a stable career path that you genuinely enjoy that will allow you to start a family and grow your assets in the future.”

Having patience and learning from those around him have been key assets in Daniel’s career. In meetings, there are times where Daniel vocalizes and shares his awareness of the subject to the group, and there are times when he knows it is better to listen to colleagues and learn from their experiences.

“I have had the pleasure of learning from various leaders within the financial industry that have all helped shape my skill set to what it has evolved into today,” Daniel says. “Mark Johnson, Jake Schmitz, Ken Theroff, Terry Higgins, and Dave Minton have been instrumental in helping me develop not only as a fine-tuned banker, but also as an individual.”

Working Beyond the Nine to Five

Knowing community involvement is crucial to community development, Daniel, a proud father of three, is thrilled that Jefferson City offers countless opportunities to give back, making it easy to find something to be passionate about. 

“Without the generosity of volunteers, unnecessary stress would be added to numerous organizations in our area,” he says. And Daniel knows that it would be impossible to carry out the missions of many organizations without volunteerism and its importance in meeting capital campaign goals, as well as educating the public. 

“The best part about volunteerism is that you don’t expect anything in return other than being a part of a stronger team and successful community,” Daniel says. 


  • Jefferson City Area Young Professionals
    2019 Board Member
  • Council for Drug Free Youth
    Executive Board Member
  • St. Martins Home & School Association
  • East Side Business Association
  • Capital City Hoops Showcase
    Committee Member
  • JC START Committee
  • Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce
  • St. Martins Youth Girls Basketball
  • St. Martins Youth Girls Softball
  • St. Martins Jaguar Club

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