Age: 42

Real Estate Agent, Downtown Realty 
and Owner, Anywhere Phone Repair

Feelings about your own progress

Nick Baker and Erin Bidlack have been excellent. I have lots of support from them, family, and social media. Progression is slow, but I’m starting to get in the groove. Finding that balance between work and health is hard, but I’m dedicated to see results. Getting there is the hardest part. Nick and Erin make the rest easy.

I am dedicated!


“Getting started is always hard, but now Dale has improved his endurance to get through an hour workout. That change happened in less than three months. It will never be easy because the class is designed to allow you to push yourself harder when you can.

Dale has gotten stronger in all his major lifts and continues to come to group workouts. We meet on Wednesday mornings to start the day together and work it out. Overcoming the challenges that work and life bring is key to consistent progress.

Dale is also following our weight loss and cleanse nutritional program with Isagenix.”

— Nick Baker

Initial Inbody | Current

Weight: 232.6 > 227.7
99.2 < 101.2
26.0 > 22.9
30.7 > 30.0