Classic farmhouse meets modern coastal.

Combining styles from past and present, this colorful coastal farmhouse features eye-catching carpentry, treasured family heirlooms, and modern art created by some very talented family and friends. With its huge commercial windows, pops of blue, and large, leafy plants throughout, homeowners can feel like they’re at a coastal getaway even in the heart of Missouri.

[ a ]  Fireplace |  Centered with a marble fireplace from Carved in Stone that shines against the room’s natural lighting, the living room showcases grade school artwork created by the homeowner’s daughter within the blue built-in shelving by Stickman Woodworks. [ b ] Trunk | This abstract painting done by the homeowner’s aunt, Marian Lines, is paired with a family heirloom trunk that was brought to the U.S. by the homeowner’s great-grandfather when he emigrated from Estonia at the age of 17. [ c ] Blue Chairs  | Placed between the open kitchen and the living room, this small seating section with blue suede chairs from Hockman Interiors is a great place to relax and chat with friends.

Living Room

| Living room |With 12-foot commercial windows and high Florida ceilings, this home gets plenty of natural sunlight to house its many tropical plants. The open floor plan also allows homeowners the space to entertain guests in both the living room and the kitchen.

DIning Room

| Dining room |Featuring an Italian marble backdrop, this piece from Carved in Stone makes the entire room sing. But that isn’t the only showstopper in the room. Its trayed ceiling was custom built by Rod Glidewell, of Glidewell Construction, to create cohesion with its long dining room table from Restoration Hardware and custom seating by Hockman Interiors. The dining room lights are inspired by a fond memory, as they are almost identical to a set of lights that hang outside one of their favorite Chicago restaurants.

[ a ] Kitchen | Meant to be the focus of the entire kitchen, this cobalt blue refrigerator and freezer measures 66 inches and is the perfect pop of color for the kitchen’s classic white quartz countertops by Carved in Stone. Fittingly named Old Chicago, Nichols Enterprise installed the kitchen’s brick floors after the homeowners were inspired by the cobblestone streets seen while living in Chicago. [ b ]  Stairs | A stunning example of creative engineering, building floating stairs was no easy task by contractor Rod Glidewell with Glidewell Construction. But by building its supporting wall around a solid piece of iron where each individual stair is welded, he not only created additional space for the homeowners, but his craftsmanship also created an eye-catching piece of architecture at the entrance of the home. [ c ] Plants | This Audrey Ficus tree from Helmi’s Gardens brings life while its shiny brass pot, also from Helmi’s, adds depth to the room. 

[ a ]  Husband’s Closet |  Adding to the home’s coastal design, this walk-in closet gives some unique tropical flair with its Largo teal paint color by Benjamin Moore, while also serving as a quiet escape for the man of the house.  [ b ] Master Bath | Utilizing nature as its backdrop, the master bathroom also features a beautiful freestanding tub from Designer Kitchens & Baths. [ c ] Wife’s Closet | Simple and well organized, this walk-in closet keeps everything hidden from view, including a washer and dryer. In fact, the only things on display are a girl’s most important accessories, shoes, and the homeowner’s jewelry collection with a glass top center island. [ d ] Chair | A perfect accent to the master bedroom’s coastal design, this chair was recently reupholstered and has been a family heirloom for generations.

Master Bedroom

| Master Bedroom |Choosing a framed bed from Scout & Nimble and a color scheme so light and refreshing, the homeowners were able to create a master bedroom that feels coastal and serene.

Daughter’s Bedroom

| Daughter’s Bedroom | This room doesn’t always come with a cute schnauzer and poodle  mix named Duffy, but it does feature a vaulted ceiling with LED lighting, sliding barn doors, and a hanging butcher board bed crafted by Stickman Woodworks. Designed for and by an up-and-coming young woman, the room also keeps a coastal feel, but includes pops of color with a modern bohemian rug, patterned bedding, and framed pieces of artwork. 

Family Dog

[ a ] Family Dog | Duffy, a schnauzer and poodle mix. [ b ] Bunk Room | This bunk room is truly kid-friendly. With kindergarten style carpet, there is enough floor space for kids to run around. The room also comes equipped with plenty of functional sleeping space, making it the perfect area for family sleepovers. [ c ] Son’s Bedroom | The only carpeted room in the house, this carpet named Prestige Hopkins from Johnston Paint and Decorating blends perfectly between the gray bathroom floor and blue accent wall. 

[ a ] Table | This motorcycle table from Hockman Interiors brings fun and functional style to the home’s deck area. [ b ] Outdoor Space | While the deck area was a complete add-on to the original home, it is the homeowner’s favorite part of the house. Complete with an additional dining space from Crate & Barrel and entertainment area, the homeowners can enjoy Missouri’s natural landscape while relaxing in their white, comfy chairs from Hockman Interiors, which also swivel and recline. A little southern touch was also added with a painted blue ceiling. [ c ] Backyard | Although the landscaping has not yet been complete, homeowners and guests can enjoy an array of beautiful views through the home’s 12-foot commercial windows with added UV protection. For days the family is looking to catch some rays, the homeowners installed a pool made of two converted shipping containers, which stays at a perfect 98 degrees all year long having put the pumps under the steps rather than outside. [ d ] Entrance | Designed with a black and white farmhouse exterior and low-maintenance landscape, this home has a sleek exterior while its interior design will have you in awe.