Farm insurance for
every rural endeavor.

Starting a farm is hard enough; why not make getting insurance easy? A common misconception about farm insurance is that a policy is one big bundle of coverages. However, because a farm generates income, it needs far more complex coverage than a standard insurance policy can offer. 

3 Areas of Farm Coverage: Outbuildings
Machinery, Liability

What is Typically Not Covered in a Home Insurance Policy?
Items that generate annual revenue and commercial buildings may not be covered such as: Stables, Barnes, Sheds, Silos.

Hobby Farms
Check to see what may already be covered under a home insurance policy and then build from there for additional coverage.

Large Farms
Most farmers only purchase farm liability insurance to cover expenses from accidents. Every part of the operation, including employees, will need coverage.

Know Your Limitations

  • Any equipment that doesn’t require maintenance may not be covered.
  • Fencing will likely require extended coverage.
  • Keep up with technological advancements or some machines may not be covered.

98% of U.S. farms are family farms. The remaining 2% produce 13% of the value of agricultural output.

Farm & Ranch Insurance
Similar to a standard homeowner’s insurance policy, except that it adds commercial protections. A good insurance agent can tailor coverage to all areas of risk for a farm, and can fit any unique operation with endorsements to cover any policy exclusions.

Leasing or Renting?
Farmers who lease or rent farming equipment or provide services to farms also need to have farm insurance.