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How did you get into lending?
Before entering the mortgage world, I worked as an operations manager for a Columbia law firm. Prior to that, I created and operated two businesses — Nannies United (a staffing company for babysitting and nannies) and MO Juice (a cold-pressed juice company). All of this demanded a massive amount of organization and energy. I loved setting office policies in place and helping with the organization and flow of the law firm as well as being able to have a vision for my businesses, creating them, and helping people in one way or another.

The opportunity to be a mortgage broker combined my love for organizing, efficiency, and helping people. Since my husband had opened a Jefferson City Allstate agency a couple of years prior, I knew it would be a good match for deepening our roots in our community — both in work and socially. The prospect of being a mortgage broker also had an entrepreneurial aspect, which I love.

How do you stay current and up-to-date with changes in your industry?
All of our lenders offer specific product training. I take full advantage of this to keep up with the latest and greatest loan products. I also do my own research and listen to podcasts daily to assure I am one step ahead in our constantly changing industry.

What sets you apart?
We broker with 10 different wholesale lenders, which allows us to offer more options for homebuyers than other banks out there. We can also guarantee the lowest rates possible by doing the shopping for our clients.

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about hiring a mortgage broker?
There’s no additional cost to you as abuyer for working with a broker.

What’s been your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it?
One of my biggest struggles has been putting myself out there on social media to bring more awareness to what I do and how I can help more people. My first video was nerve-wracking, but each one after that got easier and easier. I hired an individual for a brief time to hold my feet to the flame so that I wouldn’t keep putting it off. Once I felt confident in my own abilities, I started to really enjoy it!

How do you define success?
Success to me means so much more now than it did in the past. It is definitely more than just monetary gain. Success is seeing the people who were turned down by a previous lender get the home of their dreams. Success is running alongside some of the top real estate agents in town and helping their clients get to the finish line with ease. Making people’s lives easier, and seeing other people’s lives impacted, is the most rewarding part of my job.

What quote do you live by?
“Do the best with what you have where you are.” — Theodore Roosevelt

What are your future goals?
The biggest goal for me in the next five years is to get our company and individual licenses in more than just Missouri — this way we can help even more people.

How is community involvement important to your daily job?
Serving our community through different avenues is crucial to the overall well-being of the people who live in it. In addition to the volunteering that I’ve done with the Board of Realtors and Women’s Council of Realtors, I serve as the president of our parent association at Woodland Montessori. As our kids get older, my husband and I have goals to get involved even more to teach them about volunteer work in our community and help them to see how we can impact others lives that may not be as fortunate as we are.

Who are your biggest supporters?
My husband, Steve, has always been my No.1 fan and believed in me long before anyone else ever did. After 10 years of marriage, I am proud to say that he truly is my best friend, and there is no way I could do all that I do without his constant love and support. My mom is also one of my biggest supporters.She is always there to listen to me talk about anything and everything and has always been a sounding board for me when I need it. Not to mention, she is the best nonnie to our kids— helping us out whenever we need it with our girls.

What are you most thankful for in your line of work?
I’m most thankful for the flexibility that I have with my job. I am able to work remotely when needed, which helps tremendously having two little kids. Being able to be there for my family when they need me is priceless.

Do you feel like you have work/life balance? If so, how do you do it?
I think Gary Vaynerchuck said it best when he said there is no such thing as work/life balance. It is work/life integration — especially as an entrepreneur. As a mom, now to two young girls, it can be tricky to juggle everything and make sure I’m not letting anyone down. I take considerable pride insetting a positive work ethic for them to model when I need to work after hours or on the weekend. I expect that someday they will have confidence to do anything they set their mind to. Kids learn not just what we tell them, but what we show them. Steve and I are intending to raise some strong women, who will be able to make a huge impact in their generation.

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