A local builder with a family of four creates a perfect home and setting for his growing family.

Scott Schaeperkoetter knows about building homes. In fact, he’s been in the homebuilding business for 13 years, and this year alone his company, Signature Homes, is in the process of building 15 single-family houses. Now living in the fourth home built by his company in the Wardsville area, he and his high school sweetheart and wife, Bobbie, welcome the opportunity to share their story of the ideal home they built for their growing family. According to Scott, his passion for the industry goes beyond building homes; he is more about creating a community where families can thrive.Schaeperkoetter Exterior

Original hardwoods and the removal of a wall opening into the completely refurbished kitchen make for an immediate welcome when stepping through the front door. With two young boys of their own, nearly 30 other kids living in the neighborhood and some of their closets friends next door, the Schaeperkoetters believe they have created a nearly flawless situation for raising their family.

“We definitely plan on staying here a while,” Scott says. “Our neighborhood is a busy place because in the evening you’ll find lots of kids running around with adults outside visiting. We have a situation where we look out for each other. For the most part, there are couples our age with kids who live here, so we’re always getting together. We want our kids to be raised in a community where they know it’s time for dinner when the street lights come on. It’s a safe place.”

Bobbie, who had her eye on their lot, encouraged Scott to buy and build there so they could live next door to friends. And conveniently, just across the street is where Scott’s main foreman, Brad Michel, lives. With five or six lots still left to sell, Scott anticipates there will be more families with kids to come. Yet, a retired couple, Mindy and John, are among the most popular.

“John and Mindy keep a refrigerator stocked full of popsicles and other snacks,” Scott says. “You will see 10 or so kids walking down the street drinking sodas, and you know they’ve been to see Mindy and John. Whenever they see kids playing outside, you see their garage door go up so there’s access to the refrigerator.”

“Kids will just come and knock on the door because they know Mindy is the snack lady,” Bobbie adds. “Our kids all love having them here.”

As the storybook couple, Scott, a high school quarterback, and Bobbie started dating while growing up in Owensville, Missouri. Two years Bobbie’s senior, Scott went on to play football at Missouri Valley College, but a rotator cup injury ended his football career, so he transferred to the University of Missouri. Bobbie joined him and received her teaching degree, which prepared her for homeschooling their children.


“We homeschool along with two other families here,” Bobbie says. “In total, there are nine homeschooled students in the neighborhood. We try to take breaks at the same time so our kids can play and socialize together. We really have a lot of fun.”

Much like what he has created for his own family, Scott enjoys building communities and is in a constant search for the next opportunity.

“I’m always looking for just the right piece of land where I can develop the entire neighborhood,” he says. “I find that when there are seven or eight builders in the same area, you get a lot of different styles, and the quality may not all be the same. We know the quality of our homes is consistent. The features may be different, but there is a flow from home to home.”

Scott says having the right group behind him is what makes it all possible. “Everyone on our team is out there working hard every single day to provide for their families,” he says. “We love building and are relentless about doing our best. What makes us unique is that many of our past clients are still friends. We’re able to maintain a friendship even after the professional
relationship is over.”

Angie Zimmerman, interior designer for Signature Homes, works closely with Bobbie, and with this home they decided to go for a clean look.

“We selected white, silver, gray and purple to create a modern feel,” Bobbie says. “I also wanted some girly and sparkle mixed in, so the purple made this aspect work. Angie asks what I have in mind, grabs her notebook paper, scribbles it out, and it’s perfect. She makes my ideas functional.”

Interior of Home

The kitchen is one of Bobbie’s favorite areas in their home. “It is a well-organized place with an open, airy feel,” she says. “The white cabinets with black accents are crisp, and I like how the subway tile plays into it. We have lots of family and friends who stop by, so we created extra seating at the bar, and there’s plenty of room for storage.”

Scott, who enjoys giving his crew a challenge, says: “For the kitchen, I showed my guys a picture of a brick ceiling. At first they scratched their heads because they had not seen anything like it in Jefferson City. In the end they figured it out and mixed in a couple of timbers to help tie it together with the fireplace in the family room.”

“I told my main finish guy, Mark Holterman, ‘This is what I want, and you figure it out.’ It’s a lot of fun to be a client. My guys take great pride in their work. As a group, we have fun with what we do.” — Scott Schaeperkoetter

Yet, it was a secret space situated behind a moveable bookcase in their son’s room that proved to be a special test. “I told my main finish guy, Mark Holterman, ‘This is what I want, and you figure it out,’” Scott says. “It’s a lot of fun to be a client. My guys take great pride in their work. As a group, we have fun with what we do.”

Considered the wave of the future, according to Scott, theirs is a smart house, where functions such as turning lights on and off, locking the security system and watching the property via cellphone are all possible. “It’s inexpensive at around $2,000 to add this smart technology to a home,” Scott says. “An added bonus for us is that my boys like when I remote in while traveling. They’ll tell me to log on and watch them shoot some hoops.”

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