The roofing industry has gone through a lot of changes over the years. At Premier, we believe quality is always more important than convenience. For many companies, using nail guns, not tearing off the previous roof down to the decking, requiring down payments, and loading the materials on the roof are the “new normal.”

At Premier, we stick to the “old normal.” We hand drive every nail with a hammer, the old-fashioned way, to ensure every shingle is properly fastened. We tear off everything, including the felt, to perform a thorough inspection of the decking on the roof and make sure there is a good, solid surface for the new roof to be installed.

We never ask for down payments. A company with good relationships with their vendors should not need money upfront to complete the project. We make sure you’re satisfied with the work completed before pulling out your checkbook. We also don’t deliver the materials to your roof. We deliver them to your driveway. Your roof isn’t meant to hold that much weight in concentrated areas. While these aren’t the easy, or convenient, ways of doing things, they’re the right way. That’s why, at Premier, we prefer to stick to the “old normal.”

Joe Price, Marc Lentz
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