Raising chickens has never been easier.

When thinking of raising farm animals, you may be deterred by the thought of having to feed them in the early hours of the morning and spending all day tending to their needs. But people are learning that just isn’t the case anymore as the trend of backyard chicken coops continues to rise. Believe it or not, raising chickens has now become an easy task, thanks to some innovative installations. Westphalia Trading Company has seven different styles of chicken coops with as many or as few features as you need.

Standard Features

  1. Flooring: Protective FRP flooring (similar to vinyl flooring) is included and makes cleaning out your coops easy.
  2. Materials: Coops are built with quality materials like pressure-treated lumber and screws instead of nails, and they’re crafted for easy mobility.
  3. Access: All coops have an outside easy-access egg collection door.
  4. Customization: You can customize your coop as much as you’d like. Pick the color scheme or add any other special features you may want. 

Add-On Features

1. Solar-powered door: The door opens and closes at sunrise and sunset so you don’t always have to be there to let your chickens in and out. 

2. Solar light: Egg production starts to slack as winter days get shorter, but a solar light in your coop will have them laying eggs all winter long. 

3. Rollaway nest: Eggs roll safely to the outside of the shelter, out of the chickens’ reach.

4. Tongue-in-groove pine door: Make your coop stand out with a beautiful pinewood door.

5. Storage box: Having an extra storage area built inside is an eggcellent way of keeping all of your supplies together.

6. Insulation: Happy chickens are giving chickens, so keep them comfortable and protect them from a hot summer or a harsh winter.

7. Chicken swing: Swings don’t come standard in loft coops, but they are the perfect add-on feature to keep your poultry in motion.

8. Black vinyl-coated, welded wire: Make your coop more refined with black vinyl-coated, welded wire. The black wire has a vinyl coating that is longer lasting than exposed wiring.

There are many benefits to raising chickens. Not only are they great food producers, but they’re also natural tillers and can even help support your garden soil without eating your vegetables. Worried a chicken coop may outlast your needs? Don’t let that stop you. These coops are adaptable and can also be used as a rabbit hutch or dog kennel. So whether you’re just looking to start out with a small loft chicken coop or ready for something bigger (like Westphalia Trading Company’s very own custom cottage cabin, the “Coop DeVille”) you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a flock of entertainment and some farm-fresh eggs