We’re excited to work with Jefferson City Magazine for this issue and help readers explore Jefferson City in a new way while seeing what Karst Games has to offer! Creating this type of experience really starts with a discussion that gets everyone on the same page and completes the first two steps of our app development process: location and theme. We’re grateful that we got to work with Jefferson City Magazine on this project and would love to collaborate with other organizations as well.

It is your mission to collect all the clues in Karst Games’ CITY Unlocked! This game takes you through our beautiful downtown area as you solve puzzles to unlocking pieces of Jefferson City’s history, all while having fun! You will need a mobile device, and you can begin playing the game in three easy steps:

1. Go to Jefferson City Magazine’s office at Campus Coworking Space at 609 E. High St. to pick up a zine with the puzzles to solve.

2. Your first clue is…Cole County was established in what year? Text the answer to 573-261-6247.

3. Follow the instructions inside the zine to start the game.