CITY FIT is a year-long program pairing local, certified personal trainers with community members who are serious about making lifestyle changes in 2020. In every issue, CITY Magazine will be documenting their journey, updating readers with not only the number on a scale, but also skeletal muscle mass, percentage of body fat, BMI, and photos. Talk about accountability! We’re excited for these trainers and individuals and can’t wait to see how they handle what each season brings. Get to know the participants, and help us cheer them on!

This is CITY FIT.

Meet the trainees from Studio 573:

Tina’s First Update >>
Tina’s Second Update >>
Tina’s Third Update >>
Tina’s Fourth Update >>
Tina’s Fifth Update >>
Age: 36
Occupation: Photographer

James’ First Update >>
James’ Second Update >>
Jame’s Third Update >>
Jame’s Fourth Update >>
Jame’s Fifth Update >>
Age: 33
Occupation: Director of Technology Support & Services

Meet the trainees from CrossFit Unstoppable:

Jeremy’s First Update >>
Jeremy’s Second Update >>

Jeremy’s Third Update >>
Jeremy’s Fourth Update>>

Jeremy’s Fifth Update >>
Age: Guess!
Occupation: Public Health Research Analyst

Cheryl’s First Update >>
Cheryl’s Second Update >>
Cheryl’s Third Update >>
Cheryl’s Fourth Update >>

Cheryl’s Fifth Update >>
Age: 50
Occupation: Event Manager and Assistant Vice President of Operations