CITY FIT From then to Now…

Age: 42
Real Estate Agent, Downtown Realty
Owner, Anywhere Phone Repair


Weight: 232.6 ⬇ 219.3
99.2 ⬆ 104.0
26.0  19.9
30.7  30.0

Did you meet your goal?

“The CITY Fit challenge was exactly that — challenging! I did not meet my goal, but I did have a great experience. I learned a lot from my trainers at Studio573 about different fitness methods and how to have a balanced diet all while making new friends.”

Age: 33
Anchor, KRCG 13


SMM: 56.2  56.7
40.3  34.0
29.3  26.6

Did you meet your goal?

“Being part of CITY Fit has been an incredible experience. I have gotten much more confident in myself, made new friends, held myself accountable, and have gotten closer to my goal for weight loss and strength. At first, I was ashamed of what I looked like, now I am proud of how far I have come.”

Age: 37
Insurance Agent, First State Insurance Agency


WEIGHT: 303.8 ⬇ 287.5
SMM: 93.9 ⬆ 95.9
PBF: 45.6 ⬇ 41.4
BMI: 39.0 ⬇ 36.9

Did you meet your goal?

“This opportunity opened my eyes to the different type of fitness experiences Studio573 offers. The CITY Fit program got me back on track with a daily fitness routine. I was able to work towards my goal, but not complete it to the fullest. The Studio573 team members helped me start my goals, and I believe that they’ll help me meet them in the future.”

What’s an Inbody?

The InBody body composition analyzer measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy to understand, report.

SSM = Skeletal muscle mass
PBF = Percentage body fat
BMI = Body mass index

Angela Bax, AFAA-CPT, Erin Bidlack, NASM-CPT,
Nick Baker, AFAA-CPT