CITY FIT is a year-long program pairing local, certified personal trainers with community members who are serious about making lifestyle changes in 2021. In every issue, CITY Magazine will be documenting their journey, updating readers with not only the number on the scale, but also skeletal muscle mass, percentage of body fat, BMI, and photos. Talk about accountability! We’re excited for these trainers and individuals and can’t wait to see how they handle what each season brings. Get to know the participants, and help us cheer them on! This is CITY FIT.


Age: 41

Real Estate Agent, Downtown Realty and Owner, Anywhere Phone Repair

Fave Move: Stretching

Challenges since January 1?

The biggest challenge has been my job and the difficulty of keeping a fixed schedule. I am working hard on making my workout schedule a priority. Some other challenges have been dieting while on my eight-day trip to Isle Mujeres, Mexico, and a weeklong back injury. I lost over two weeks of diet and fitness, which set me back.

Successes since January 1?

Getting back in the gym was the biggest accomplishment. Starting a clean, healthy diet with the help of Isagenix has been a blessing as well.

What do you think of CITY FIT so far?

My personal trainer, Nick Baker, has been a great help in getting me motivated, making sure I stick with my diet, and showing up. Erin Bidlack also makes sure I show up and that I’m educated on the Studio573 Fitness app. They provide many different types of classes and class schedules. It’s easy to see what classes are available directly from my phone. Between the two, I get all the help I need to succeed.

Dale’s Faves: 

  • Snack?
    Isagenix Chocolate Decadence IsaLean Bar. The size is 2.3 ounces, and it has 18 grams of protein, so it’s filling.
  • Exercise move?
    Stretching is probably my favorite. I definitely need it, and it can be somewhat therapeutic. 
  • Musical artist to listen to while working out? 
    I don’t typically listen to one artist. I have many motivational workout songs on my playlist. If I were to choose one song, it would be “The Business” by Tiësto. It pumps me up at the office as well!


Age: 33

Morning anchor, KRCG13 

Fave Feeling? Feeling Stronger

Challenges since January 1?

There have been a lot of challenges since January 1. My family and I tested positive for COVID-19 at the beginning of January, so that put us in quarantine. With my husband and two babies at home and not feeling the best, it made it difficult to work out and stay consistent with a diet. Another challenge is just having two babies. Their needs and wants come before mine, so there are days when things get tough.

Successes since January 1?

I have gotten to do virtual workouts as well as workouts at Studio573, which have been great. I’m really pushing myself more than I ever have and am starting to feel stronger.

What do you think of CITY FIT so far?

At first, I was worried about not being able to commit to CITY Fit, but now I’m realizing it’s just like everything else in life -— you make it work. There was one night where we pushed the furniture out of the way in the living room, and my toddler, husband, and I all did the virtual workout together. It made me so happy to be able to get my daughter to see her mom getting healthy.

Meghan’s Faves: 

  • Snack?
    I’m not sure on this one.
  • Exercise move?
    I am always learning new exercise moves and seem to be enjoying all of them. I surprise myself each day!
  • Musical artist to listen to while working out? 
    I really like all the music Studio573 has on during workouts. It’s a mix that really gets you going and keeps you going.

Age: 37

Insurance Agent,

First State Insurance Agency

Fave Music: 80’s

Challenges since January 1?

The hardest part was when I got COVID and had to quarantine for weeks. While I stayed on track with my eating, it was hard not being able to exercise!

Successes since January 1?

Being able to fit into some clothes I haven’t worn in a while!

What do you think of CITY FIT so far?

I have really enjoyed becoming
a member of Studio573!
Everyone there, trainers and members, has been extremely encouraging and supportive!

Andy’s Faves: 

  • Snack?
    Cocoa roasted almonds.
  • Exercise move?
    Cycling and boxing bag.
  • Musical artist to listen to while working out? 
    I like a good ’80s mix.

What’s an Inbody?

The InBody body composition
analyzer measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy to understand, report.

SSM = Skeletal muscle mass

PBF = Percentage body fat

BMI = Body mass index


Angela Bax, AFAA-CPT, Erin Bidlack, NASM-CPT,
Nick Baker, AFAA-CPT