Mulch: Adding a fresh layer of mulch annually provides nutrients to soil, decomposes, helps with weed control, and gives everything a fresh new look. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to choose from: brown, black, red, cedar, pine, hardwood, double ground, shredded, or chips.

Rock: Just like mulch, decorative rock comes in many varieties and is low maintenance. When installing rock, we suggest applying a layer of weed barrier to help keep the rock from settling in the dirt and disappearing. Over time you will still need to add rock periodically.

Weed Mat: There are many different types of fabrics that it can be confusing. The thicker the fabric the longer it will last, but choose a fabric that will allow water to penetrate. Some will have lines on the fabric which helps with the placement of the plants. Staple to hold in place.

The Myths: Mulch against your home does not increase your chance of having termites any more than decorative rock. The moist and dark environment that is created using weed mat, mulch, or decorative rock is what attracts the little devils.
Weed mat is not the fix all for weeds in your landscape areas. Weed seeds can grow on top of the barrier and through the holes that are created for the plants. An application of pre-emergent in the early spring and a little elbow grease will keep those weeds under control.

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