Looking forward to future developments in JCMO.

Entering 2023 has us right on the edge of great things. So close to seeing the seeds from generations growing to fruition, we have been waiting with much anticipation and excitement to see ideas continue to sprout into something beautiful.

We’ve seen a lot of recent growth, including a new airport with a second-story restaurant and patio for plane viewing. Where else can you do that? The CRMC Amphitheater continues to bring high-level entertainment and recreation to our backyard as shows are already being booked for 2023, so don’t miss out. I personally can’t wait to see the band Killer Queen, a Queen cover band from England, on July 15 and the Oak Ridge Boys on September 22.

Mayor Carrie Tergin and Gov. Mike Parson with Missouri Department of Natural Resource’s Mike Sutherland and Dru Buntin during the One Health laboratory. announcement event.

This year, the city will continue to make developments as a sports town. There are already many amenities, and our central location makes us the perfect place to host tournaments. More additions are on the horizon as plans are evolving to bring new or improved facilities for soccer, pickleball, tennis, skateboarding, and more. JC Parks is planning improvements to update and add to Washington Park, and future greenways will lead us to places of peace and solitude in the heart of our city— including the Frog Hollow area. New infrastructure projects that lead to future developments are also in the works. Housing is a frequent topic, and there are currently four developers planning to potentially bring rental housing to the area, which is especially valuable after we lost 150 rental units in the 2019 tornado.

One of the biggest developments we will see occur, however, is at the MSP redevelopment site adjacent to the historic penitentiary. The city is finalizing plans for a conference/meeting/expo space, a hotel with a rooftop river view, and more amenities we deserve asa capital city. The State of Missouri plans to build its One Health lab here, which exponentially brings value to the investments already planning to be made by private developers, construction companies as well as city, state, county, and public and private partnerships. This will result in taking an old asset and turning it into a mixture of history, future, growth, retail, tourism, restaurants, views, and eventually another access to our river, connecting Adrian’s Island to MSP.

Plans for upgrades to the parking garage on Madison Street have also been in progress, which will bring opportunities for growth and future businesses. We’re even looking at putting retail/office space into the main level surrounding the garage, adding innovation and a better customer experience. We’ll see the vision of what Capitol Avenue could look like for the next 100 years by blending the most historic row of homes in our city with new innovation. The momentum continues to build even stronger here in Jefferson City, and it will take us to the next level as a community. With these plans, we’ll finally grow into our role as a centrally located capital city, and we’ll be top of mind when it comes to being a destination for fun, recreation, sports, biking, business, and all around a great place to live. We’re on the edge and ready to take off!

Mayor Carrie Tergin with an architectural rendering of the One Health laboratory.