Interior Designer, Signature Homes and the Gary Sinise Foundation

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“I feel like I don’t have a job,” Casey Marsch says. As someone who technically has two jobs, this is an incredible statement.

Casey Marsch is the interior designer for Signature Homes, working to make people’s homes look exactly the way they want them to look. In addition, she works for the Gary Sinise Foundation, as do Signature Homes owner Scott Schaeperkoetter and others. Through this organization, Marsch and her co-workers build, design, and stage homes for our wounded soldiers and veterans across the country. Recently, Marsch traveled to Austin, Texas with her team to dedicate a home. “By the time they move in, we want them to only have to bring their clothes,” she says. “I don’t look at it like I’m going there to decorate or stage the house. I’m going there to make it a home.”

Locally, Marsch and a few of her co-workers donated their time to help create the playroom at the HALO Home. She was so inspired by the organization that she built a presentation to help get grant money to create the main living room. The goal is “to use it as a community hangout for kids, to potentially have classes there for fun therapy, and use it for meetings,” says Marsch.

“[Interior design] is what I’ve wanted to do since I was really little,” she says. “I love doing [volunteer] work better than anything because you go to the foundation stuff and realize how much these soldiers sacrificed for us. You come home and are so grateful because you have all this freedom and never realized. Then you go to HALO and see how much you have that others don’t always have. You realize how lucky you are.”

Marsch is a prime example of how business and philanthropy mix well. Not only is giving back part of her job, she also uses that giving to inspire her to do more for the community she was raised in.

Along with her work with the Gary Sinise Foundation and HALO, Marsch works diligently to give back to her former high school. “Casey has a passion for the Jefferson City Public Schools,” writes Schaeperkoetter. “She is a proud graduate of the class of 2004. Casey is involved in so many committees and activities that benefit the school. I think this says a lot about her ability to lead and show others that it’s important to be physically involved and invested in the matters that you feel most passionate about.”

What is your spirit animal?

A pug. My pug, Bodhi, is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, and he’s my boss. He 100 percent runs the show and gives great side-eye.

Community Involvement:

JCHS FACS Curriculum Planning Committee
Jefferson City High School Booster Club Donation Tailgates
Member, Jay Pride Alive
Jefferson City High School Football Foundation Golf Tournament
Member, Lincoln Blue Tiger Athletic Club
United Way Power of the Purse Committee
Member, Parade of Homes Committee member, Home Builders Association

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