• Brisket [Whole 12-15 lb.]
  • Smoke Temp 200° | Internal Temp 195° | Cook Time 13-15 hrs. | Rest Time 2 hrs.
  • Turkey Breast [Whole 4-6 lb.]
  • Smoke Temp 235° | Internal Temp 140° | Cook Time 1:45-2:30 | Rest Time 1 hr.
  • Pork Shoulder [Whole 6-8 lb.]
  • Smoke Temp 235° | Internal Temp 205° | Cook Time 11-12 hrs. | Rest Time 1 hr.
  • Schulte’s Rope Sausage
  • Smoke Temp 235° | Internal Temp 155° | Cook Time 1-1 ½ hrs. | Rest Time 30 minutes
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Smoke Temp 235° | Cook Time 3-4 hrs. | Cook until ribs bones feel loose when slab
  • is bent in half (NOT fall off the bone)


We use hickory wood for everything we do. Traditionally smoked foods are smoked with wood that is plentiful in local area. Hence we use hickory.

Control your temperature, use lots of smoke, and have a good meat thermometer.

Apply your favorite rub before you smoke. Keep it simple with salt & pepper or have fun add your favorite seasonings. There are no rules. A barbeque competition secret, sprinkle your rub on right before you serve your meat.

We use a mop (vinegar, rub, sugar, etc.) for our ribs to baste right before we pull them out.

Put your mop in a spray bottle and mist everything before you serve.

Laurel Dunwoody portrait by Keith Borgmeyer Photography

Chef James Nelson

Chef James Nelson has been with Sweet Smoke BBQ since February 2019 and pitmaster since June 2019. He shares the same focus and vision of our barbeque, which is fast service, warm hospitality, and delicious food.


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