Brinn stands in front of “Red Crossing” by Friedel Dzubas which hangs in the  second floor lobby of Central Bank’s Financial Center.
Brinn stands in front of “Red Crossing” by Friedel Dzubas which hangs in the second floor lobby of Central Bank’s Financial Center.

Digital Banking Project Manager at Central Bank

Success is not a goal. It’s a way of life for Brinn Thorsten, digital banking product manager for Central Bancompany at Central Bank and mother of two. 

“Success is not defined by the number of hours you work each week, the number of projects you’ve worked on, or the number of accolades you have after your name. To me, success is defined by what it took for you to reach your goals,” Brinn says. For her, that success takes shape in having the willingness to learn, an open mind, the capacity to work with others, and respect for differing opinions, along with the ability to make connections, take ownership of issues, learn from mistakes, lead by example, and celebrate the small wins along with the big wins.

A self-proclaimed hand-raiser who doesn’t back down from challenges, Brinn has attributed some of her success to community involvement. 

“Being involved in community, no matter the level of involvement, provides the opportunity to become informed and more knowledgeable” Brinn says. “Learning new things leads to better decisions, opens your mind to new solutions and opportunities, increases independence, boosts confidence and motivation, and is overall empowering.”

Looking Back and Forward

Described as organized and creative, Brinn is grateful to have worked hard for everything that she has achieved. “I’ve been blessed with support along every step of my life,” Brinn says, “but the successes that I have had are a direct result of the work and effort that I have put forth.” 

 A longstanding member Jefferson City Area’s Young Professional organization, Brinn is excited to have the opportunity to serve as the board’s chair-elect next year.  While she has served on the board for a few years, she will have a greater impact in her new role on the executive board, coordinating program content for membership meetings.  An aficionado of ’90s hip hop, Brinn cites music as an integral part of her routine to get things done and keep her in the right headspace.

“Life is too short to hold grudges or dwell on things that you cannot change or have no control over,” Brinn says. “Holding onto or constantly revisiting the past will blind you to the good things in your present and future and will only result in unhappiness, poor relationships, and lost energy.“


  • Jefferson City Area Young Professionals
    Board Member
  • Belair Elementary PTA
    Board Member
  • City Wide PTO Board
  • United Way of Central Missouri
    Campaign Leadership Team

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