Make your house the best looking one on the block with these must-have items for your front yard!

When it comes to outdoor living, one thing is for sure — the love for curb appeal is real! Porch design is a critical part of a home’s overall style, and this rain-or-shine outdoor collection was created to give your home a healthy glow.

Wreaths | River City Florist

Add some different elements of decoration year-round with beautiful front door wreaths from River City Florist. These wreaths not only highlight the entryway of your home, but they also come in different styles so you can switch them out as often as your heart desires.

STIHL Pressure Washer | U.S. Rents-It

A good pressure washer can leave a home looking like new. Before you begin shopping for replacements, save time and money on your next home improvement project by renting a professional grade pressure washer from U.S. Rents-It.

Porch Seating | Ramer Brothers Furniture

With all the hard work that goes into designing your front yard, there’s no reason not to enjoy it yourself. Choose a nice set of chairs like this adirondack from Ramer Brothers. Handcrafted by Amish woodworkers, these chairs are built to last for generations.

Stepping Stones | Stockman Stoneworks

Building a walkway is a simple, satisfying, and effective way to add some curb appeal. Guiding the flow of foot traffic through your front yard, these granite blend, oak blend, and gray stepping stones from Stockman Stoneworks add functionality that every yard needs.

Fresh Paint | Scruggs Lumber

When painting your home’s exterior, choose hues that best complement your neighborhood, the home’s architectural style, and the community’s motif. Explore Benjamin Moore exterior paints at Scruggs Lumber to see which color pallet works best.

Lights | LaBelle Cabinetry & Lighting

A subtle interplay of traditional design elements, LaBelle Cabinetry & Lighting has a variety of charming lantern aesthetics for any design. The textured black finish paired with clear glass makes these lanterns an easy match against most colors.

Planters | Green Horizons Garden Center

Give your facade a facelift with colorful planters from Green Horizons Garden Center. With a few well-placed flower pots at the front of your home, you create a much more welcoming environment. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse for you to add to your plant collection.