Read local in many genres.

“Ghoul Duty” by Richard F. McGonegal | Mystery

After Missouri River flooding disinters corpses and coffins from a parish cemetery, Sheriff Francis Hood and his chief deputy retrieve a body, only to learn it did not come from the cemetery. The revelation begins the process of determining who the man is and how he died.

“Lost Jefferson City” by Michelle Brooks | Non-fiction | Missouri History

So much of Jefferson City’s history has been lost, forgotten, or changed since its inception. Cemeteries, fairgrounds, ballparks, and stately homes lost to time. Missouri’s capital was once host to early circus visitors, reeking cemeteries, and steamboat-style homes.

“Anna’s Special Gift” by Rachelle Layne | Children’s Literature

After being invited to a birthday party, Anna is met with a problem — her family cannot afford to buy a present. Not wanting to miss out, she gives her favorite doll as a gift. Through this rhyming read-aloud, discover what generosity looks like.

“This Vale of Tears” by Daren Dean | Drama

Troy Scofield and Raelyn Phelps seek to leave the darkness that lingers in the heart of Little Dixie. Alcoholism, abandonment, and infidelity haunt their rural families. The pair formed a bond and shared motivations to escape on a cross country venture south to New Orleans from rural Missouri.

“The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace” by Adam C. Veile | Western | Children’s Literature

Blake Monroe has the heart of a cowboy, he just hasn’t had the opportunity to prove it. But, when a Wild-West ancestor needs help, one will pull up their bootstraps — especially when treasure is involved.

“Hellbenders” by Richards Prosch | Western

In 1859, the Rio Grande Valley reels from the onslaught of Cortina’s Mexican insurgents. Ranger Lin Jarret seeks out the devil in the form of Cardoza (a Tejano) igniting destruction on a prominent rancho. He and his sidekick, Reece, an heiress beauty, are both armed with bullets and secrets.

“Cultivate Positive Culture” by Gary Wilbers | Self-help | Religious

Lloyd has found himself with no way to escape when he is met with a guide. He learns 10 steps that utilize faith in pursuing a life with more meaning. This fable illustrates an avenue to connect with one’s creator and explore resolutions to difficult situations.