Your Own Way

What is your product or service? We provide the best real estate service in Mid-Missouri — #1 in our market.

When did your business get started? Formerly an employee at Westside Veterinary Clinic, I loved my job as their receptionist yet felt driven for more of a career. I began to research the steps needed to get my real estate license once I realized that I would always be afraid of feral cats! I earned my real estate license in 2004 and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!

What’s been your biggest failure/struggle and how did you overcome it? Learning to delegate has been a struggle for me. I have a very specific style and method when it comes to running my business and my life. My faith in the team to represent my brand has surpassed my expectations. I’m incredibly proud of the team I have the privilege to lead and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

What’s your favorite part of your business? I pride myself in not just being clutch when things get tough but keeping my clients out of sticky situations. I show up every day ready to serve. What do you think are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur? Tenacity, grit, and passion for the industry you represent!

What sets you apart from your competition? I get asked often what I mean when I say, “We provide the best real estate experience.” Being a bit of a perfectionist, I do not believe it’s enough to simply get the job done. I strive to exceed even the highest expectations.

Any awards or notables? My tenure in real estate has racked up many awards over the years. However, it’s the awards achieved as a team that mean the most to me! In 2021, our team has sold over 200 homes in a single year! Our service level motivates our clients to refer enthusiastically!

Anything else you would like to add? I recently accepted the title of radio host! Taking on the title was big shoes to fill as Sharon Keating ruled that world as queen for decades. In recent years, she asked me to take it over and I didn’t feel I was capable of taking it on, but her spirit nudged me to just say yes. Tune in to “Home with Beth” on 1214 AM KLIK and 103.5 FM Newstalk Radio. I hope I am making Sharon proud!

How is community involvement important to your business? Every personal connection in my business is rooted in community involvement.

Who is your mentor? I’ve had many mentors over the years, but tying it to real estate, I’d have to give a huge shout-out to Barb Kalberloh.

Any advice for those just getting started? Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart!

Do you feel like you have work/life balance? I believe we are truly our best when we are fulfilled from the inside out. I’m the proud wife to my high school sweetheart and we are the proud parents of four amazing kids. They are the only reason I don’t work 24/7. I could not run a successful business without the help of my incredible husband, parents, and in-laws. Blessed are the grandparents who babysit.

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