Bethany stands in front of “#30” by American artist Stanley Twardowicz, 1985, oil on canvas.
Bethany stands in front of “#30” by American artist Stanley Twardowicz, 1985, oil on canvas.

Owner, Hello Belle Fashion Truck

Bethany Kay Walsh believes that we rise when we lift others up. Because she’s committed to living out this philosophy in the town she loves, you’ll find Bethany lifting others in a multitude of ways around here. Professionally, as the owner of a boutique fashion truck, Bethany harnesses the power of fashion and the confidence it brings to lift the women of Jefferson City up daily. Personally, as a lifelong community volunteer, she rises to the occasion to lift up others whenever there is a need.

 Over the years, those needs have taken many forms. Bethany has stepped up and volunteered for Night To Shine, an unforgettable prom night experience for students who wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. When there was a need to assist the Red Cross, Bethany was there. And when there was a chance to support the needs of multiple organizations like Cody’s Gift, Iserve, the Special Learning Center, Central Missouri Foster Care, HALO, and The Samaritan Center in one event, Bethany pitched in to make Holiday Mart a reality. This one-night shopping event benefits organizations in the Mid-Missouri area, and all proceeds are donated to select nonprofits. Bethany works year-round preparing for this annual fundraiser. 

“My favorite part is when we choose which nonprofit to partner with to receive the funds. There are so many wonderful organizations in Mid-Missouri that do great things,” Bethany says. “It’s a passion of mine to learn about their mission and how we can help them get closer to their goals of helping those in need.” 

Jumping in and helping her neighbors comes naturally to Bethany, who was born, raised, and currently lives in Jefferson City, as she hopes to continue doing for as long as she’s alive.

Volunteering helps her break out of the daily grind in a way that fills her with gratitude and enables her to impact the lives of others. 

“Everyone has a talent and a calling,” Bethany says. “It’s what we choose to do with it for the good of our community that makes a difference.” 

When it comes to business and following in the footsteps of those who have walked before her, Bethany meets her mission without reinventing the wheel. 

“The women of Saffees who dressed all of Missouri for generations are role models for me,” Bethany says, citing Judy Howard and the late Lorraine Mercurio as her inspirations. “Their dedication to the store, clients, and impeccable customer service was unlike any other, and that’s the reason why they were in business for 96 successful years.” 

Bethany had the opportunity to learn from them firsthand as an employee. Her experiences at Saffees confirmed her love for fashion, and she observed how the owners built meaningful relationships that lasted a lifetime, marveling as their clients became family. 

“It’s my hope that I may have the same impact on someone else’s life someday,” Bethany says. 

With eyes on the future, her commitment to making an impact is crystal clear. She is proud of the business she has built and would love to grow her Holiday Mart 2020 contributions from previous years.

Still, she won’t spend time sweating the small stuff. “Ask yourself will it matter in five days, five weeks, or five years. If the answer is no, then move on. Why waste your life and its beautiful moments over analyzing?”


  • Night to Shine
  • Red Cross
  • Jefferson City Chamber Member
  • Holiday Mart
    in partnership with:
    Special Learning Center
    Cody’s Gift
    Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association
    The Samaritan Center

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