What a start to the new year. It’s a good thing we began with a fresh focus on “Success & Wellness.” For our 2022 January/February issue, we shared some innovative ideas for the kitchen as we met with local dietician Denise Coots and students of the Nichols Career Center for a few recipes that are simple, delicious, and healthy. Featuring roasted vegetable frittata, shrimp fajitas, and quick chicken creole, I highly recommend you give at least one a try — especially during a busy week. 

Next, we took a tour of the Lincoln University President’s House, just as they were finishing up the final touches. In fact, the work was so new we were able to bring in interior designer David Brandon Chambers to give the Lincoln community some ideas of how the home can be styled for future events.  

And finally, we had such a blast getting to work with so many local businesses on this issue. Co-owner of Cork & Board Cara Stark wrote a great piece about Jefferson City’s options for late-night transportation, an issue many of our bars and restaurants still face. We’re also very excited as we’ve been able to work with Riverbend Dentistry, JCMG Outpatient Surgery, and Ridgecrest Dental as they expand into their new buildings. And getting to know some of our other business owners a little better, we had over 25 business owners participate in our local entrepreneur special section, which involved a plethora of insightful interviews and photoshoots. And speaking of entrepreneurs, we announced our first Young Ones to Watch for the class of 2022, Jabari Hubbard. https://jeffersoncitymag.com/jabari-hubbard 

I must say, putting an issue together during the holidays wasn’t easy. But sometimes, between the hustle and bustle of putting a magazine together, I get to sit back a watch things develop. I’ver certainly seen my fair share of growth, destruction, and regrowth within just my four years as a Jefferson City resident, but getting to observe so many businesses and individuals taking chances at something new and exciting within just a span of a few months, I think, is the kind of inspiration we need to keep in mind as spring approaches.