Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 2.39.54 AMDear Eric,
I am a working girl, and I feel like I am always on the run. No, I’m not training for a 5K. I’m just a young professional who works hard and loves to play hard. I need work gear that can take me from my desk to dinner and some nights to the dance floor. Can you help me with some quick tips to rock my work look after business hours?

Working It Whitney


Glad to hear you’re working it! Trends this summer remain classic with inspiration from the 1960s. Icon Katharine Hepburn influences the blazer, cardigan and tie trend, as does Coco Chanel, who created the first LBD (little black dress). Dresses remain strong. Your LBD will take you everywhere this summer. A blazer, some hot statement jewelry or shoes will help you rock it out. Belts stay strong and help accentuate your curves.

The old faithful, classic sheath dress and dresses with A-line skirts remain new and will take you through your workweek in style. Head-to-toe prints are huge this summer, but monochromatic dressing increases in momentum and gives you more options. A blazer and pants or dress and jacket in the same color are chic. You might be tired of me talking about black and white, but keep rocking the look. Geometric patterns and bold prints remain popular and move forward.

If you’re looking to switch it up, ease into summer in shades of solid white, lazy linens or crisp cottons.

Stripes, as I predicted in the spring, hang on strong. Americana looks also appear sweet at the office and chic at night. It’s a perfect time to invest in a red-hot dress. Pair your red with some white and blue, and sail into summer American style. Red and yellow are your power colors in the office and transition easily into your nightlife. Think tailored and classic by day and bold and sassy by night.

You can change up your accessories after work on your way to your next event. Neons and ultra-bright colors hang on in jewelry, shoes and handbags. Gold metallic is back and ultra-fashionable again. Try changing up your hairstyle or your makeup for the evening as well, with a little more eye perhaps, or pump up your cheeks and lips with some color. Trading out your work heals for a relaxed comfortable pair of sandals is also cool and chic.

New colors to be on the lookout for are emerald green, canary yellow and pastel blue. Another thing to be aware of is the shoulder pad. Don’t shy away; just say “hello.” Designers are leaning on the shoulder pad to add structure; hardly noticeable, they help add proportion to the body’s silhouette. Don’t worry, they’re not going to become oversized like in the ’80s — yet.

I hope these tips help you have an awesome summer, Whitney. I’ll look for you on the dance floor!

Yours in style,