We challenged the two CITY’s Best designers to take a room from blah to bold, and they shared some expert tips along the way.

We started with a tan wall and a tan couch. What is the first thing you do to come up with styling ideas?

David Brandon Chambers: Just like you, your home is unique and should be an expression of you, your family, and your life’s experiences, so find your inspiration piece. This piece, whether it is art, an area rug, a pillow, or something else, will give the room a direction. In this case, the crane drapes were an excellent item to build a color story. 

DBC: An accent can be anything or any color. I always love a small pop of red as an accent; it can be vibrant and energizing. Notice the jeweled box and sea coral object on the coffee table. On a larger scale, I love to use living greens as an accent. A tree or plant brings movement and vibrancy with its beautiful tones of green.   

What advice would you give when choosing an area rug?

DBC: Never go too small! I constantly see undersized rugs in spaces. Rugs can be expensive, but they’re not the place to cut corners. A rule of thumb I always follow: All pieces of furniture in a grouping should touch the area rug. Considering this, if you select a rug that is too small, your space will feel cramped and uninviting.

If you have a large, blank wall, what are some creative ways to fill that space?

DBC: Art. Whenever I travel, I make it a mission to find a piece of art to commemorate the trip. Fill your walls with things that evoke a memory. Interesting art is always a great conversation starter for visitors. If you like to stay local, that’s OK, too. Our city is full of artists. Again, like you, your home is unique and should be an expression of you, your family, and your life’s experiences.

What are some ways to make a small space feel larger?

DBC: Furniture placement is an important detail; you are not stuck with your current arrangement. It is always refreshing to try a new layout. Assess how you are using the space, and make your furniture work for you to create a good flow and balance.  

What are some tips or tricks you use when finishing off a room to give it a more personal feel?

DBC: Mary McDonald, one of my longtime favorite designers, says, “A well designed room should beckon you, make you feel welcome, and leave you wanting a little bit more.” A room designed by David Brandon Home & Design will always be reflective, curated, and artfully layered. Layering an assortment of textiles and objects creates a cozy finished space where you’ll spend hours. Size is not important; make the space beautiful regardless of its size. Fill your coffee table with curious objects and a curated selection of books. Comfortable seating adorned with plush pillows and throws, well-placed poufs, and intriguing accent tables will beckon you to stay a while longer. 

What are some easy ways to redecorate a room?

DBC: Get in touch with David Brandon Home & Design.

What are your tips for choosing and decorating with accent pillows?

DBC: Throw pillows are the easiest, most economical way to refresh a room. You can add color, texture, and style with a few new throw pillows. I recommend layering various sizes together to create interest.  

What is one thing you would like people to know about your business?

David Brandon Chamber’s Resource List:

DBC: I have found my passion in building artfully layered rooms to bring a client’s vision to life. Being able to anticipate needs, combined with my passion for beauty and my editorial eye, allow me to create the home of your dreams. No matter the desired outcome, design is a challenge. Allow me to share my evolving knowledge of current trends and classic elements with you.

Items from Major Interiors:
Large Magnifying Glass
Small Magnifying Glass
Rhino Box
Travestine Stove Top Table
Round Glass Coffee Table
Medium Vase
Small Vase
Ash Pot
Green Floral
Navy & Gray 6X9 Rug
Carved Maize
Beaded Hat Box
Accent Pillows
Water Color Rings Artwork