Owner, Anytime Fitness Jefferson City
3220 W. Edgewood Dr.

Dependable, Faithful, Caring

People who have a true passion for their career usually have a story behind that passion. This is true of Ashley Swoboda, personal trainer and owner at Anytime Fitness Jefferson City. As a collegiate softball player, Ashley injured her arm, resulting in surgery followed by physical therapy. “During my physical therapy sessions, I developed an interest in weight training and injury prevention,” says Ashley. “I believed I could have easily prevented my shoulder injury had I the proper knowledge and training to prevent muscle imbalances and overuse.”

ashley-swobodaashley-swobodaSpecializing in lifestyle transformation, Ashley works to help clients find healthy and realistic approaches to their health and fitness goals. “Members first, people always,” says Ashley. “We do everything we can to meet the desires and needs of our members.”

One way Anytime Fitness achieves this is providing unique classes. Seeing a need, Ashley became certified as a Women’s Fitness Specialist and started a pre- and post-natal class for women. Soon, Ashley recently began a Mommy & Me SGT class. She found out — from personal experience — that working out during pregnancy eliminated issues such as back pain, swelling, and excessive weight gain. Delivery and post-baby weight loss also became much easier.

“I am really excited to offer this class,” says Ashley. “Not only will it allow me to workout with my own son, but it will also expose him to exercise as he gets older and is able to work out with me.”

Through experience and a true love of what she does, Ashley and her staff at Anytime Fitness provide support and true life change for all of their clients.