Your Own Way

What is the name of your business? Silvey & Associates. I named it after myself to ensure clients could easily find the law firm.

What is your product or service? We offer a variety of legal services like family law, criminal law, traffic, estate planning, and personal injury.

When did your business get started? I’ve always known I wanted to be my own boss. When the opportunity arose to step in and rescue the troubled firm of a previous attorney, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

What’s been your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it? Starting a law firm two weeks after being sworn into the Missouri Bar. I took over 75 cases. New clients and staff were depending on me to make the firm successful and provide the highest level of legal representation. I worked extremely long hours to ensure every client’s case was given the representation they deserved. Many of those first-time clients have remained clients of the law firm for the past seven years.

Why did you decide to base your business in Jefferson City? I had practiced law in Kansas City and Jefferson City at the beginning of my career. The atmosphere in Cole County and the way the judges, court staff, and fellow colleagues treated me from the beginning showed me this was the town I wanted to be the base of my practice. Jefferson City is a community that is great at giving back. If you make it a priority to be involved and volunteer in the community, the community will stand behind you and your business will continue to grow.

What sets you apart from your competition? Before starting a career in law, I had a background in customer service. I treat my clients with respect and make sure that their needs are met at all times.

How many employees? I currently have one employee, Jennifer Thompson. Jennifer has been with me since 2014 and our clients absolutely love her. We are anticipating hiring an associate in the coming months.

Any awards or notables? In 2021, I won News Tribune Reader’s Choice for attorney, family law attorney, and criminal attorney as well as the volunteer award with KC Freedom Project, and the Lawyers of Distinction Award.

Who are your biggest supporters? My husband, my children, my father and mother, and my strong group of girlfriends.

When someone is looking to hire a professional in your industry, what should they look for? Honesty and quick communication. There is nothing I dislike more than hiring a professional who won’t respond to calls, texts, or emails in a timely fashion.

What’s your best time management hack? I am a huge list maker. I make lists and I make sure I work through them and set time frames for getting tasks done. The key is sticking to it and making sure they all get done.

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