The coolest backyard must-haves. 

1. Outdoor Heater. Installing an outdoor heater ensures usage of the outdoor space for more than just the summer months. Whether it’s used for cool evenings or for extending summer a bit longer into fall, it will be well worth it when you’re able to spend more time with family outdoors.
2. Meat Thermometer. Finding the perfect spot between medium and medium-rare can now be done from a distance. Insert a thermometer into your steaks and then walk away. Alerts will be sent to your phone when your food is cooked to perfection.
3. Bird Photo Booth. This is the perfect outdoor accessory for all bird lovers. Just fill the feeder and get up close and personal photos of birds coming to eat.
4. Outdoor Rock Speaker. Music is the best way to set the mood for any outdoor gathering. These durable, weatherproof speakers are easy to install and hook right up to Bluetooth.
5. Solar Lights. Outdoor lighting is a great way to set your house apart and create the perfect ambiance for any backyard. Get high-quality lighting without external outlets or wiring with decorative solar lights.
6. Automower. Check lawn mowing off your to-do list. Forget about hauling a heavy lawnmower out of the shed, revving the engine, and lugging it through tall grass in the heat of the summer. There’s a robot for that. Head to Resource Tree & Land to grab one today.
7. Solar Patio Umbrella. You won’t need a power cord or electricity to light up your night. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere with a solar-lighted patio umbrella.
8. Smart Sprinkler Controller. With this smart sprinkler and easy-to-use app, sprinklers can be controlled from anywhere. It’s easy to run sprinklers, change and view schedules, and be in control of outdoor water usage.
9. PORTABLE PROJECTOR. For a fun activity after dark, find your favorite film and use a portable projector to keep the entertainment going. With this projector, you can turn a hanging sheet or garage door into a spectacular outdoor theater.