Use furniture with multiple purposes. A coffee table, chair, trunk, or end table could also serve a dual purpose as storage, aiding in organization.

Leave areas open to create flow and direction such as furnishings with legs or transparency to allow more light.

Have size appropriate furniture. Oversized furnishings can make a space feel congested, while too small of furnishings can make a space feel cluttered.

Play with patterns and textures. Large patterns and the way a pattern is laid will draw the eye and create depth. Wallcovering is ideal for a focal wall. Another idea is to create a pattern with the floor material, or use pattern or texture on a rug, pillows, curtains or any number of these combinations will change the feel of a room.

Use one large rug, as opposed to multiple smaller rugs; this defines a space and grounds a room.

Light colored walls make a room look brighter. Having 1 or 2 opposing walls in a darker color or implementing a bright white with contrasting darks can make your room appear larger.

If there isn’t a center light in the room, use table lamps or freestanding lamps to help distribute light evenly through the space. If you have a center light, display a fixture that has some detail or design to draw the eye up.

Incorporating tall curtains to add height and bring the eye up can add the illusion of additional height.

Display large scale art, wall hangings, and mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to create the appearance of more space. Consider these on opposing walls
from windows to help distribute the light.

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