Seven items that
make pet ownership a little more fun for everyone.

Embarking on the journey of pet ownership opens doors to a world of joy and shared experiences. These seven playful essentials not only engage a pet’s senses but turn every day into a joyous adventure for both pets and their devoted owners. All products can be found at Premium Pets in Jefferson City.

Paw Cleaner | Premium Pets

The paw cleaner will gently loosen mud and dirt from a pet’s paws with its silicone bristles and just a little water, keeping the muddy messes out of the home or car.

Puzzle Feeder | Premium Pets

With puzzle feeders, pets learn to spin, slide, and snack their way through as they hunt for treats. This puzzle has 11 secret compartments for pets to solve.

Odor Eliminating Candle | Premium Pets

This pet candle not only eliminates 99% of pet odor, each is hand-poured and made with 100% natural plant-based wax. It is also dye, phthalates, paraben, and cruelty-free.

Licking Mat | Premium Pets

Pets will have a whale of a time with this innovative licking mat. These mats will stick anywhere; with suction cups on the back, they are ideal for tubs, refrigerators, or tile floors.

Pupsicle Super Chewer | Premium Pets

Pupsicles are great puppy sitters. This pupsicle super chewer is long-lasting, keeps dogs entertained, is easy to clean, is safer than bones, and saves money on costly chews.

Life Jacket | Premium Pets

Pet life jackets support the entire body from below and lift their heads above the water line. Their best features include enhanced chest flotation, torso support, a rescue handle, and bright colors for high visibility.

Spin Bowl Slow Feeder | Premium Pets

This spin slow feeder turns dinnertime into an entertaining game for furry friends. The special design encourages interactive behaviors like sniffing, licking, and problem-solving.