Taking a long bath is one of life’s great pleasures and finding the right bathtub can make a bigger difference than you may realize. Tubs have taken on a therapeutic role offering experiences from the traditional soaker and whirlpool, to air, microsilk (microbubbles), and stream. Here’s what you need to know as you start your search for the perfect bathtub.

Soaker: The most traditional tub experience, providing a way to relax, reduce inflammation, lower fevers, and relieve headaches. Often overlooked, being the most elemental form, it encourages detoxification and hydrates your cells with a subtle and simple approach.

Whirlpool Tubs: Consisting typically of five to six ports directed to target specific muscles. These provide a robust and pulsating knead of water to relax sore, tense muscles. Microjets can be added to some tubs, which provide more pressure in targeted locations. Whirlpool tubs should be cleaned once a month with bleach and water to prevent mold from building up followed by another purge of water to cleanse the lines of chemicals. Some tub companies now offer a purge system as an added feature. 

Air: In these tubs, small holes line the perimeter or the bottom of the tub. Unlike the whirlpool tub, an air tub pushes air through a channel and offers a timer to eliminate moisture in the channel. Air jets are all-encompassing, offering a non-aggressive soft tissue massage to muscles at different levels of intensity. It is particularly good for those with neuropathy as it increases blood flow and circulation.

Microsilk: A deep exfoliation through tiny microbial bubbles. Considered to help those with skin spots, cirrhosis, and eczema, it exfoliates your pores creating a hydrating experience for dry skin and removes toxins. This can increase cardiovascular activity, and improve circulation, which aids a deeper sleep. 

Stream: Imagine sitting in a brook and letting the water trickle over and around you. This is the ultimate soaker tub experience. With multiple vents directed in unique flow patterns to cascade over your body, this tub is ideal for the gentle bather of all ages. Sensory features can also be added such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy, or audio through Bluetooth.

Chromotherapy: Add lights that positively affect your well being. Color is known to have a high impact on our health, energy, and balance. Chromotherapy is also considered for those with epilepsy who suffer from migraines and offers a softer light variation from the overhead lighting.

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