Neutral white tones allow for various pops of color, patterns, and textures to be brought in through furnishings, rugs, lighting, etc., without competing. This neutral concept allows for future changes in décor and furniture.

Wood accents and bright fabrics warm up a space. 

Metals, such as gold, copper, brass, and polished nickel can brighten a room and offers a soft feel, while black, wrought iron, galvanized steel, or rubbed bronze metals add contrast and ground a space. 

Adding shelves to complement cabinets is another element, which lends an area to add botanicals for a fresh, organic feel.  

Adding textures and colors in various elements also prevents a space from feeling too sterile. These can be in sofas, mirrors, chairs, drapes, pillows, rugs, cabinets, shelving, and accent tables.

Wall moldings such as wainscoting, a soft patterned wallcovering, or a tiled backsplash can offer depth

With white as your backdrop, the living space feels light and airy. Key elements, like wood trim and color elements, are endless, making your space easier to transition and recreate over time. 

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