Grinding ice cubes in your disposal will help clean the grinding components and prevent odor. The ice also helps dislodge any remaining food particles. Running plenty of water when using your disposer is important to remove the waste.

Antibacterial soaps kill the good bacteria that helps break down the waste in your pipes and septic tank. To increase good bacteria, consider treating your drains with an enzyme drain treatment like “Bio Clean”.

Toilet bowl tablets that are placed inside the toilet tank for “automatic cleaning’, can damage toilet components and cause leakage. Try using the ones that go directly in the bowl of the toilet.

Chemical drain cleaners can cause damage to metal drain pipes, and can cause toilets to crack. If you’ve used chemical drain cleaners once and you’re still having clogging issues, try plunging them or call a professional plumber.

“Flushable” personal hygiene wipes are very slow to degrade and cause many drain lines to backup.

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