When choosing a contractor consider it like a job interview; ask friends, family and co-workers for references, make your list, ask questions, and ask to visit a previous build to ensure quality and integrity.

Design & Consulting.
Select a contractor who is willing to consult and provide design for you. Lean on them for recommendations such as lighting, windows placement, brick or siding, etc. 

Your contractor should be able to provide a detailed and realistic budget. They should research and understand all costs from start to finish and all materials needed. Know that there could be unforeseen things that happen and changes during the construction phase.  

Your contractor should be willing and able to adapt to the many factors that can come into play and could cause delays – weather, schedules, material purchases, final decisions, etc. Understand the time frames necessary to complete the work and know that accelerating construction is not always best. Value quality and understand that it may take time to achieve the level of finish you’re looking for.

Organization & Communication.
It is key to have well-laid plans and a timeline plotted in advance. Have the contractor provide a detailed spreadsheet, updating you with orders and any changes that may come up to ensure a smooth and successful process.

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