Declutter Before Organizing: Removing unused and unwanted items immediately frees up space and makes it easier to organize. Think of your belongings as inventory. The less stuff you have, the less inventory you must manage. 

Prepare Mentally: Let go of past purchasing mistakes, guilty clutter, and anything that does not serve your life now. Start with easy items like obvious trash and anything broken or stained.

Start Small and Set a Timer: Go for an easy win, like one drawer, one shelf, or under the sink. Set a timer for 10 minutes and see how much you can accomplish.

Progress Over Perfection: Your goal is to make a space better than it was before you started. Remove items that do not belong, sort, refold, etc. Even if you only get partially done, if the space is better than it was, you made progress!

Let the Boundary be the Bad Guy: After decluttering and grouping like items together, contain items in a bin, basket, or box. It does not need to be pretty or perfect. It just needs to hold the items. Containers can be upgraded, in the future, after you know the size works. The key is to understand that every container, including a house, has limits. The container is the boundary. Respect the limit. If a container gets too full, something needs to go.  

Practiced consistently, these tips can help you get and stay organized!

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