Automate. A yearly service program is essential to maintaining a pest-free home. Service programs eliminate and prevent pest issues that pose a threat to your property.


Don’t skip the obvious. Regular cleaning, taking out the trash, and storing food properly are easy ways to ensure pest control. Seal all entry points on the exterior of your property. Remove thick brush, leaves, and any standing water around your property in which pests love to breed.


Shop Around. Prices have gone up with almost everything, pest control services included. It is worth the time to acquire multiple quotes. Make sure you are comfortable not only with the service but the cost of the service.


Stay Safe. Pest control products and treatments are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Much money and time have been spent to assure that only the targeted pests are affected by treatments performed by licensed professionals. If you are looking to avoid chemicals altogether, ask about “green” pest control options.


Be curious. Ask questions about both the service provider and the treatment methods. There are often multiple treatment options available. Choose the one you are comfortable with. Jefferson City has great local companies with years of experience. Shop local for a better price, a more personal experience, and providers that stand behind their work.

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