Trend: In case you have not heard, terrazzo is back! The new terrazzo doesn’t look like your grandmother’s speckled kitchen floor but is more modern and has a variety of materials including specks of chunky and bold granite, glass, marble, and other materials that make up the binder material. It is most often used for flooring, wall treatments or countertops!

Tip: Use a resin-based terrazzo! It is a preferred option for countertops as it is more stain resistant than a cement base, and it also helps brings out the vibrant colors. Pair it with your quartz countertops to make an interesting island or wet bar surface!


Trend: Lighting as art! The introduction of LED lighting and other technology has freed up lighting designers for more artistic expressions. These are designed to catch the eye both when switched on or off. With fewer constraints on where to place traditional light bulbs within the fixture, designers are thinking outside the box and creating bold sculpture like pieces.

Tip: Designers should look to incorporate pieces of lighting that will stand alone and not go overboard with too many statement pieces. Some of these pieces will not give off great task or general lighting, so it is important to add layers of light in the room to give better light, but also to be an element in itself. It is all about making it personal and having fun with it!


Trend: Stained wooden finishes are making a return for cabinets, but typically in lighter shades and not the traditional cherry wood of the early 2000s. Earthy, warm white and greige paint colors are also great
choices for those shifting away from bright white and cool gray tones. Navy is a classic neutral and will continue to shine in the cabinetry design world!

Tip: Rather than stark white cabinets, consider a warm white instead. Pair it with stained wood floors, a navy painted kitchen island and a stained wood hood. The look will be classic and timeless. An earth tone kitchen sets the perfect warm comforting mood, making the space truly feel like the heart of the home.


Trend: Mix metals like never before. The combination of metals you can mix up in your kitchen and your home is like no other time. No need to stick with one or even two finishes for cabinet hardware, sink faucet, lighting, and interior door hardware!

Tip: Pair your stainless appliances with gold cabinet hardware, black kitchen faucet, black interior door hardware, and some pendant lights in a brass, black and white combination. There are no rules! While selecting metal finish pieces it may seem like a lot of different things to combine, but when you look at the whole picture, those mixed metals will blend effortlessly.


Trend: Porcelain is nothing new and we tend to think of using porcelain as a white porcelain farmhouse kitchen sink. What is new, though, is using gauged porcelain for a durable lightweight, affordable, oversized slab, that is only around 1/8” thick. It makes porcelain a serious contender for countertop surfaces.

Tip: One interesting pro to porcelain is you can have a heated induction source that can be positioned just under the countertop worksurface and heat your pans through the countertop surface. Work with your designer to determine if this product is suitable for your needs and space. There are many pros and cons to this material that need to be discussed.

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