Planning to design your outdoor living space? Here are a few things to consider!

“Outdoor areas should be spacious”

— Nick Haslag

One size does not fit all: Measure how much space you will need for the design you’re looking for. Will you be hosting large or small gatherings?

Location is key: Determine where you want to make your space. Do you want your space in the front, side, or backyard? Try to find an area with even terrain and keep in mind where your neighbors are for how much privacy you’ll want. You may also need to learn where the sun/shade hits your space throughout the day.  Before beginning your construction, don’t forget to map out where your yard has areas of drainage, where your utility lines are located, and for brand-new construction, where the most useful place is to put them. 

Needs vs. wants: It doesn’t always have to be one or the other, but outdoor areas should be spacious. Pick your most important needs first and then consider if you have enough room for that to function. 
Outdoor kitchen
Electrical outlets and televisions
Flower beds/plants
Irrigation to beds

Prioritizing your property: Depending on your needs or wants, plan ahead when building a new home.
Stub out gas lines for grills and firepits before construction. Include additional electrical conduits for pulling wires in the future.

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