Aging in place is the ability to live in one’s own home comfortably considering safety and while keeping your independence.

When you ask yourself “is this our forever home?,” also consider these questions regarding the accessibility of your bathrooms. 

Threshold of the shower;
whether it’s tall, mid, low, or zero threshold take into consideration the flooring in the bathroom and how it butts next to the base. For instance, if the bathroom is tile there will be the thickness of the concrete board and the tile which will reduce the threshold height once the base is set.

There are also ramps that can be added if considering wheelchair accessibility.

Function and placement of the shower heads and trim(s); and if you’d like a wall hung seat, removable seat or a bench.
The placement of your seat and shower fixtures is crucial.

Adding a hand shower near the seat would be convenient, an added benefit being the ability to turn on the water while you are sitting down. You’ll want to discuss the placement of the trim with your plumber and plumbing design consultant for maximum functionality and design.

Consider a hand shower. Different hand held shower head options include: a magnetized pull down head, a cradle mount with a hand shower, or a slide bar with a hand shower. All of these can be used as a single function or paired together.

Ease of cleaning.
If using panels, such as Onyx or Dekton, one can simply use a combination of vinegar and water with a squeegee. This reduces time spent on cleaning and makes it easier on our bodies. 

If using tile, sealing the grout can help reduce stains and bacteria in addition to keeping a brush in the shower to clean the grout.

Grab bar locations.
When designing your bathroom to age in place, grab bars can be added later; however you’ll want to discuss with your contractor so he can preemptively reinforce the walls, whether you choose to add them now or at a later date. 

When considering grab bars, think of location and functionality. Having one when you first walk into the shower and one near a seat or along the back wall can be useful. If the grab bar is near the seat, consider if you’d like it to be vertical, horizontal, or angled.

This depends on whether you’d like to pull up on the bar or lean on the bar with your elbow. You may prefer a slide bar with a hand shower that also serves as a grab bar, as this will combine several features into one.

These are a few factors to consider but each renovation and person is unique. I’d love to help you make this process as seamless as possible. Please call me for an appointment.
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