After 12-plus months of “Groundhog Days,” many of us came to find our homes needed a little pick-me-up. It’s no surprise that the number one question from my customers in 2020, and right into 2021 is: “How can I freshen up my space without breaking the bank?”   

As someone who loves the creative challenge of repurposing, I say, “take what you have and find a new way to use it.” So, here are four ideas to make everything old new again. Trust me, in a weekend’s time, you can craft a whole new look by curating and tweaking your special and not-so-special pieces. 

DECLUTTER IT:Most of us accumulate more knick knacks than we will ever need or want. You won’t know want you need or want until you clear some space.  Then you can get to remembering that you’ve got a fabulous collection of something or other! 

MOVE IT: Once you’ve made space, start organizing. My fave spot for organizing…my dining room table. First, sort like items in groups by color, themes, or tone. Pull items from different rooms to give them a new life. For example, that butterfly-inspired lamp in your bedroom might shine brighter in the living room.

SHOP IT: You’ve decluttered, you’ve organized, and you’ve moved things around. Now, it’s time to shop from your own curated collections. Did you know you had so many lush pillows? So many gorgeous candle holders? So many bird statues? You found a gold mine of treasures right in your very own home without opening your wallet!

PAINT IT: If you know me, you knew this one was coming. We love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® because you can use it on anything: glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, wood – even fabric. With a fresh coat of paint and some gold gilding on its frame that old watercolor in your foyer can look brand-new. Those ’90s candlesticks or bunny statues can embrace today’s modern farmhouse-chic with a painted whitewash. In Annie Sloan’s world of Chalk Paint®, you can teach that overstuffed, worn-out chair new tricks with a vibrant new color to give it some pizzazz.

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