Clean and Trim: It’s important to keep the outside of your home free from leaf debris and wood piles. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back away from the house and keep gutters clean. If you have tree limbs or shrubs that touch your home, ants can simply come in from there.  

Think Small: Sealing cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation of your home can eliminate many of the obvious entrances for ants to use. Also, it’s important that your door seals are tight. Ants can enter in from the tiniest places.   

Fight the Feast: Keep any food sources clean so there isn’t anything to attract them inside. Keep cabinets clean and wiped down. Also, it’s helpful not to leave any food in your pet’s bowl. Ants love to eat, and if there is a source they can find, they will bring all their friends to feast.  

Check for moisture: Keeping moisture out of the walls of your home is very important. Moisture in walls or underneath a window sill can attract ants. Some ants thrive in damp environments and are attracted to wood that is decayed or damaged by moisture. Plumbing leaks are also popular gathering sites for these ants. 

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