This is definitely a “new” kind of market we are in. We are grateful for our clients to still have the ability to sell their homes with Real Estate being deemed “essential” to Missouri residents. There is nothing more sacred than “home,” especially when a family is ordered to “shelter in place.” The market is still moving and demand remains high!

If you have free time, use it wisely! Utilize safe delivery methods for home update project materials and tackle those projects that you’ve put off.

Homes are STILL SELLING QUICKLY! Selling now may provide an advantage if your home falls into the category where inventory is slim! We are happy to discuss which markets are HOTTEST right now!

Don’t go it alone. During a hot market, it can be tempting to stick that sign in the yard or call to see a home the owner is trying to sell themselves. There is a reason we have a job! As a buyer you want the protection of a sound contract where YOU are FULLY COVERED! If you you’re selling, don’t make the mistake of leaving money on the table. Many are out of touch with just how valuable their home is in this current market!

We have worked in every kind of market there is. Up, down, or in this case, “strange.” The reality is that the market is strong and high demand remains. Recent sales stats indicate steady Days on Market, slight dip in number of sales and a major bump in Median Sale Price. Our advice has always been to “sell or buy when you are ready.” Tune out the “noise” and listen to a trusted REALTOR® who can guide you regarding which updates recoup the most money in your pocket and, better yet, which projects to skip! We are known for our honest dealings and have quite a reputation for service that spans decades. We are here for you now, and always. If you have Real Estate goals for 2020 this is still your year! Let’s talk!

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