The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive species of insect that can kill the ash trees on your property. They live under the bark of your trees. As they feast on your tree, they create galleries under the bark that stops the flow of nutrients and kills the tree.


Infestation: Emerald Ash Borer begin to emerge around June, leaving small exit holes in the bark. They lay their eggs high up in the twigs and branches of your ash tree.


Detection: Symptoms are more noticeable than others, but empty branches near the top of your tree, new sprouts at the base of the tree, “D” shaped exit holes, and damage from woodpeckers looking for a snack are all signs that your tree might have an Emerald Ash Borer problem.


Treatment: Emerald Ash Borer insects can kill a young ash tree in as little as a year if left untreated. At Korte Tree Care we will care for your tree by using a treatment for superior year-round kill and longer residual effectiveness.

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