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PYSK – Brenda Hatfield

President, Hatfield Training and Consulting  Current job title and number of years/months in that position:  I have been a private consultant for 10 years... Read More

PYSK – Todd Spalding

Todd Spalding Director of Jefferson City Parks, Recreation and Forestry Tell us about your family: My wife, Amy, and I have been married for... Read More

Dr. Shawn Strong

President of State Technical College of Missouri Your current job title and number of years/months in that position: President of State Technical College of... Read More

PYSK – Steve Korsmeyer

Steve Korsmeyer – Cole County Clerk What is your current job title and how long have you held that position? Cole County Clerk; January... Read More

PYSK – Terry Imhoff

  Do you have a nickname? If so, is there a story behind the name? T-Bob is my most commonly used nickname and is... Read More

P.Y.S.K. David P. Minton

David P. Minton President and CEO of Central Bank WHAT’S YOUR NICKNAME? Dave HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH CENTRAL BANK? I’ve been with... Read More

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