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Marathon Man

Dr. Kevin Lease, from a non-runner to a marathon runner in 15 months. As we roll out of the holidays — that most wonderful time... Read More

Hit the Katy Trail

For walkers, runners and especially bikers, the Katy Trail boasts 237 miles of winding path and amazing views. Unless you’re new to the area... Read More

Year of the Comet

Fatima High School is having an amazing run of athletic success in Westphalia, a town that’s basically a present-day Mayberry with smartphones and iPads.... Read More

Need for Speed

Jefferson City businessman Reid Millard finds solace from thrills on the fast track. OK, let’s see a show of hands. How many of you... Read More

No Love Lost

Dave Steinmeyer has been the face of tennis in central Missouri for nearly four decades. His children, John, Robyn and Laura, were all good... Read More

Into the Wild

Republic of South Africa, March 2012, on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, close to Botswana: It was 110 degrees. “We tracked a lion... Read More

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