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Upcycled Art

Inspired by nature, textile artist Gail Barnickol enjoys the hunt and challenge of her craft and of always learning something new. Stepping downstairs into... Read More

Flight on the Floor

From her first experience in the arms of a partner, National Ballroom champion Larinda McRaven knew she found her calling. Dance classes were a... Read More

For the Love of It

Larry Carver, building designer by day and painter by spare moments, fuels his creative spirit by capturing nature and his surroundings. As a 9-year-old... Read More

Whole Lot of Passion

Brandon Scott cultivates beauty from his salon chair and inspires other stylists both near and far. Brandon Scott, owner of Haute Salon, finds his... Read More

Evolved Passion

A former social worker finds her new calling working in glass. It took 50 years, but Andrea Cleeton finally found her passion. She was... Read More

Artist Profile – Stacey Halstead

Floral designer Stacey Halstead enjoys creating designs that accurately and beautifully represent the personality of his clients. When Stacey Halstead was hired by a... Read More

All Things French

Kas A Designs rolls out a new jewelry line influenced by the owner’s travels. With a French grandmother and a family lineage based in... Read More

Gaelic Storm

Wow. Amazing. Those are just a couple of words concertgoers used to describe the May 2012 performance by Gaelic Storm the first time the... Read More

On Canvas

When I first visited Janis Burgin’s home, she showed me her collection of other artists’ work before her own, which immediately reflected her sincere... Read More

’80s Flashback/Breakout

By day, David Baker, Jay Pelzer, Tom Reichart, Quentin Rice and Mike Kivett are regular guys: husbands, fathers and working men. But when their... Read More