Nonprofit organizations in Jefferson City are a large part of our day to day lives. They assist thousands of people in our community every day by providing meals to the hungry, clothes and daily necessities for families, health needs, shelter, mentoring — the list goes on.

Working with these nonprofits and the people who tirelessly dedicate their lives to the people they serve has driven us to initiate Impact JCMO.

Impact JCMO provides us the opportunity to use our publication as a platform to share these heroes’ stories: how they got where they are, why they continue their work, and how they give of their time and talents to serve others every day.

The journeys that brought them to these places of leadership are well worth telling, and we are honored to share their stories.

Get to know the recipients:
Shauna Blanche
Kathy Crow
Tisha Spencer
Heather Gieck