Story by Staci Hentges | Feb 24, 2016

Dress it up with greenery and flowers.


When paired with the right ornamental plants, stonework has an even greater appeal. Here are some suggestions that work well for framing a walkway or dressing up a retaining wall. Whatever your pleasure, these all look great with stone.

• ornamental grasses
• daisy-type flowers (Coneflower, Shasta, Black-Eyed Susan)
• small pine shrubs (Blue Shag, Mugho)
• low-growing junipers (Grey Owl, Gold Lace)
• native perennials (Amsonia, Aster, Baptisia)

Staci Hentges is a landscape designer with Longfellow’s Garden Center located at 2007 Lookout Trl., Centertown.

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